Brand Infringement

Recently, we've been receiving feedback and backlash on invalid tracking information or orders not shipped/found.

As such, after conducting a series of investigations, we found that there are orders placed on products or stores that bear "GoChumbo", but were not owned or operated by us. We're currently working with authorities to crack down on these stores and pursue brand infringement cases.

GoChumbo wishes to assure every customer that as long as you've placed an order on our store, your order will be processed and shipped as soon as possible. As most orders consist of our best selling products, there can be inevitable delays during our order picking process and QC tests. We want to ensure that every order that goes out meets your satisfaction. So we are working as hard as we can to get your order out. Our shipping timelines are also estimated in real-time by our carrier partners and there are unforeseen shipping situations/processes that may involve partial delays. We seek your utmost patience and extremely appreciative of your support.

Our support team can be contacted by email: [email protected]. Due to high volume in inquiries, our customer service agents usually respond within 1-2 business days. If you did not receive any email, please first check your spam folder. If you still do not receive any response, please kindly check if your email settings may have any error, for example, full inbox or accidental blacklist of our email address, and try write to us again through another email address. We take every customer's email seriously and do not skim on replies.

Q: I found a website that looks legit and says they resell GoChumbo products. Is it real?

No. Many sites copy product images or text directly from us in effort to dupe consumers into thinking they are purchasing from GoChumbo. Other websites, known as “rogue websites,” mirror the look and feel of our website to create the impression they are an associate website of GoChumbo, when in fact they're scam sites. 

GoChumbo does not sell through third-party sellers, through individuals or through associate websites. We only sell at Beware of websites using GoChumbo in their domain name, websites that appear in a search engine result, websites using our product images, or websites claiming to offer our items at a discount.

Whilst we can't stop other sites from selling similar-looking products, please note that your order and personal information can be comprised if you order with these rogue websites, but with GoChumbo, your information will always be safe and highly encrypted.

Q: I found a product that bears the GoChumbo brand on an auction website/through an online consignment shop. Is it authentic?

While we monitor online listings and work hard to take down infringing product listings, counterfeiters continuously post new listings impersonating us. We cannot assure it is authentic if it is purchased through an auction or online consignment website.

Q: What is GoChumbo doing to combat this issue?

We participate in efforts throughout the world and with various Consumer Protection associations to educate customers and the takedown of scam websites, fraudulent online auctions or consignment listings. 

Q: What should I do if I accidentally purchased goods from rogue websites and want to report the website?

Please report the site to [email protected]. In your email, kindly provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • Location of the merchandise (i.e., retail, street vendor, website, factory, etc.)
  • Number of products offered
  • Type/style of products offered
  • Any other products that may be present

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